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Hot Racing AOR28M1

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AOR28M1, 28T Mod1 Light weight Spool Gear 1/7 Limitless,
Hot Racing AOR28M1
Hot Racing #45 Steel 28T Mod1 Light weight Spool Gear allows you to fine tune the gearing of your Limitless vehicle
- light weight designs reduce rotational mass at the axle, optimizing performance
- Strong and durable #45 steel for long-lasting performance in extreme RC conditions
- Precision manufactured tooth profile for smooth operation
- Precision manufactured set screw holes for the fit of screws either side of the spool shaft for extra secure fit
- To fit to 8mm diameter shaft
1 x 28T MOD1 SPOOL GEAR (8mm BORE)
1 x M4 x 4mm Set Screw
1 x M4 x 15mm screw shaft
bore: 8mm
tooth: 1.0 modulus
tooth face width: 6mm
overall width: 11mm
Replacment screw shaft SSM44P155