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Hot Racing AON156AX01

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Aluminum bleeder shock caps 6c Arrma shock
Hot Racing AON156AX01
Hot Racing optional aluminum shock cap for the Arrma 1/8 Shock bleeder caps
- CNC machined aluminum construction, anodized black
- Secondarily processed machined beveled edges
- Bleeder screws for easy shock maintenance
- Collars with o-rings to prevent unwanted adjustments
- Shock caps include o-rings to setup the shock as an optional emulsion shock
- Fits stock shocks without modification
- Two (2) aluminum bleeder shock caps
- Two (2) shock cap o-rings (used to setup shocks as emulsion shocks - see comments below)
- Kit completes two shocks cap; two kits required to equip entire vehicle
Damper Types
Vented: Use Stock bladder diaphragm AR330208 Do not need to install, the small cap screw and o-ring.
Emulsion: Do not install the bladder diaphragm AR330208 but Use big o-ring, small cap screw and washer
- Replaces stock Arrma shock components from Arrma ARA
Arrma Limitless 6S
Arrma Infrrction 6C
Arrma Nero 6S
Arrma Kraton 6S V4
Arrma Outcast 6S V4
Arrma Notorious 6S V4
Arrma Typhon 6S V4
Arrma Talion 6S V4
Arrma Senton 6S V3
Arrma Typhon 6S V3
Arrma Kraton 6S V3
Arrma Talion 6S V3
Arrma Outcast 6S V3
Arrma Notorious 6S V3