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Arrma ARAAR310864

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ARAAR310864, AR310864 Composite Rear Slider Driveshaft Set 4x4,
Arrma ARAAR310864
These rear composite slider driveshafts provide ideal replacement parts for your kit supplied items.
Tough composite material for exceptional durability - Precision molded slider driveshafts for smooth power transfer - High-quality steel cross pins for dependable operation - Supplied pre-assembled for fast and simple installation to your vehicle
2 x Assembled UJ Slider Driveshafts
Arrma indicates this will work with:
Bigrock: BLX 4X4 (AR102711, ARA102723, ARA4312V3)
Granite: MEGA 4X4, BLX 4X4 (AR102676, AR102665, AR102666, ARA102720Tx, ARA102714Tx, ARA4302V3Tx, ARA4202V3Tx)
Senton: MEGA 4X4, BLX 4X4 (AR102678, AR102667, AR102668, ARA102721Tx, ARA102715Tx, ARA4303V3Tx, ARA4203V3Tx)
Typhon: MEGA 4X4, BLX 4X4 (AR102696, ARA102722, ARA102694, ARA4306V3, ARA4206V3)
Vorteks: BLX 4X4 (ARA4305V3Tx)