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Hot Racing AON48SH25

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Aluminum Fixed Link Steering 25t Servo Arm Arrma 1/8
Hot Racing AON48SH25
Hot Racing aluminum fixed steering link and locked servo arm for the 1/8 Arrma Kraton BLX, Notorious BLX, Outcast BLX, Senton BLX, Talion BLX, Typhon BLX and 1/7 LimitLess InFraction Mojave,Felony Fits the front, center, or rear differential. See vehicle model compatibility in
- CNC machined 6061 aluminum for stronger, more precise steering
- Clamping servo horn gives precise fit to lock onto servo spline
- Steel pivot balls
- Red and black anodized
- One (1) aluminum fixed link steering
- One (1) aluminum locked servo arm
- 25 spline servo; stock Arrma servo, Futaba, Savox, Traxxas, etc.
- Spline: 25T
- Replaces Arrma AR340061 servo horn and AR330230 steering link
- Known to fit the following Arrma vehicle part numbers. The vehicle part number can be found on Arrma's website, the literature that came with the vehicle, or on the vehicle box around the barcode. If a vehicle is marked below with the word "optional, " then the part may fit, but may require some modification.
- Felony : ARA7617V2T1/2 (Black/Orange)
- InFraction ARA109001, ARA7615V2T1/2 (Blue/Silver)
- Mojave : ARA106058T1/2 (Green/Red)
- Kraton: AR106005, AR106015, AR106018, AR106029/31 (red/green), ARA106040T1/2 (red/blue)
- LimitLess ARA109011
- Notorious: AR106034/6 (black/blue), ARA106044T1/2 (black/blue)
- Outcast: AR106021, AR106027, AR106032/3 (silver/orange), ARA106042T1/2 (silv/org)
- Senton: AR106007, AR102654, AR102673
- Talion: AR106003, AR106014, AR106030 (2018 V3 model), ARA106048 (V4)
- Typhon: AR106001, AR106013, AR106028, ARA106046
description revised by: SN May 8, 2019