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Hot Racing AON48SH23

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Aluminum Fixed Link Steering 23t Servo Arm Arrma 1/8
Hot Racing AON48SH23
Hot Racing aluminum fixed steering link and locked servo arm for the 1/8 Arrma Kraton BLX, Notorious BLX, Outcast BLX, Senton BLX, Talion BLX, Typhon BLX and 1/7 LimitLess InFraction Mojave, Felony Fits the front, center, or rear differential. See vehicle model compatibility in
- CNC machined 6061 aluminum for stronger, more precise steering
- Clamping servo horn gives precise fit to lock onto servo spline
- Steel pivot balls
- Red and black anodized
- One (1) aluminum fixed link steering
- One (1) aluminum locked servo arm
- Servo with 23 tooth (KO, Sanwa, JR, Airtronics, Spektrum)
- Spline: 23T
- Replaces Arrma ARA340180 servo horn and AR330230 steering link
- Known to fit the following Arrma vehicle with a 23 Spline Servo part numbers. The vehicle part number can be found on Arrma's website, the literature that came with the vehicle, or on the vehicle box around the barcode. If a vehicle is marked below with the word "optional, " then the part may fit, but may require some modification.
- Felony : ARA7617V2T1/2 (Black/Orange)
- InFraction ARA109001, ARA7615V2T1/2 (Blue/Silver)
- Mojave : ARA106058T1/2 (Green/Red)
- Kraton: AR106005, AR106015, AR106018, AR106029/31 (red/green), ARA106040T1/2 (red/blue)
- LimitLess ARA109011
- Notorious: AR106034/6 (black/blue), ARA106044T1/2 (black/blue)
- Outcast: AR106021, AR106027, AR106032/3 (silver/orange), ARA106042T1/2 (silv/org)
- Senton: AR106007, AR102654, AR102673
- Talion: AR106003, AR106014, AR106030 (2018 V3 model), ARA106048 (V4)
- Typhon: AR106001, AR106013, AR106028, ARA106046